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Model-based Hardware in the Loop Simulation Solution of Aircraft System
Release time:2021-10-15

The Semi-physical Simulation Platform of Flight System is a mufti-functional ground simulation test platform of flight control system integrating teaching and scientific research purposes, which can meet daily training and demonstration while taking into account scientific research of flight control and flight dynamics and other disciplines.This platform based on Semi-physical Simulation Platform independently developed by Hwacreate, and adopts the development idea of model-based design (MBD), which can support the mathematical simulation test (MIL), rapid control prototype development (RCP) of flight control algorithm, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) of flight control system and semi-physical or full-physical simulation test of flight control system. The platform provides comprehensive control of flight simulation, model compilation and download management, simulation data processing and other functions, which can provide users with a design, development, simulation and verification platform with high ease of use, high reliability and strong real-time performance. 

The Semi-physical Simulation Platform of Flight System provides simulation models of full aircraft, flight control system, inertial guidance, atmospheric machine, landing gear system, etc.

It can simulate the external environment cross-linked with the airborne equipment, combine with the self-developed semi-physical simulation platform, complete the interface cross-linking and driving of physical effect simulators (turntable, atmospheric physical effect simulation system, navigation simulator, etc.), build a complete flight control closed-loop simulation system, and provide support for control algorithm verification, design development and verification of airborne equipment. At the same time, it provides 3D visualization of flight simulation, visualizing flight position, attitude and cabin environment, etc., and combines with VR technology to realize immersive simulation.

Model development tools

Simulation model development supports modeling tools based on Matlab/Simulink, AMESim, SimulationX, Dymola, C/C++ and other modeling tools to realize joint simulation of control, hydraulic, mechanical and other multi-domain system models, and to achieve close integration with real-time operating systems.


Flight vehicle component model library

The Semi-physical Simulation Platform provides a generalized flight component model library, which is available for users to call directly and supports secondary development. It provides strong technical support for users' vehicle mathematical simulation, rapid prototype development, hardware-in-the-loop, flight control system semi-physical simulation test, etc.

Six-degree-of-freedom kinematics/dynamics model

Landing gear model

Inertial guidance model

Atmospheric data model

Propulsion system model library

Rudder models

Sensor Models

Hardware interface driver library

Construction of digital simulation model of flight vehicle

The Aircraft Digital Simulation Model is developed based on Matlab/Simulink, which mainly includes aerodynamic model, mass characteristics model, kinematic model, atmospheric data model, landing gear model, propulsion system model, GPS model and control system model.

The user can customize the structural parameters of the vehicle and the corresponding aerodynamic parameters, and support the initial state of the aircraft, such as position, attitude, total weight, configuration and other information settings.

The Aircraft Digital Simulation System supports both manual and automatic flight modes, and can run on a real-time operating system. The following figure shows the overall architecture of the digital simulation model of the aircraft.

Simulation operation management

The Semi-physical Simulation Platform realizes the management of the whole process of real-time simulation, with functions including: simulation project management, target machine management, model management, variable monitoring and recording, target machine state monitoring, model interface mapping DataMap, distributed simulation, batch testing, ICD management, etc.


Application Scenarios


Support vehicle ground integrated test

1.Support model-in-the-loop (MIL) simulation

In the early stage of system design and without on-board equipment, it can be used for the initial design and verification of flight control laws and flight control system functions. The work to be performed includes.

1) Flight Control Model, Flight Dynamics Model and other system component models can be used for real-time closed-loop calculations through steps such as code generation, compilation, and loading and running.

2) The calculated vehicle position and attitude data can be dynamically displayed in a 3D view.

3) Support communication with cockpit simulator for human-in-the-loop simulation test.

2. Support Rapid Prototyping (RCP) tests

Under the flight control law design development stage, it can be used for rapid control prototype verification of flight control law and flight control system functions.

3.Support hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation

After the arrival of the airborne equipment, the corresponding simulation model is replaced and connected to the loop to achieve a more realistic simulation of the actual flight of the aircraft and further verify the flight control system. This is also a process of system integration in the design verification of the flight control system (Incremental Integration) strategy, i.e., gradually adding one or a few devices to the integrated system according to a predefined sequence).


4.Support semi-physical/full physical simulation verification

In this scenario, the system provides hardware interface resources and wiring system to realize the interface cross-connection and drive to the turntable, navigation simulator and atmospheric physical effect simulation system, and complete the cross-connection to the electromechanical and avionics mission power simulation system, sensor and servo actuation simulation system to realize the semi-physical simulation verification of the flight control management computer. According to the arrival of the actual real equipment, the simulation model is replaced by the real equipment, and the real and imitation equipment switching control is realized, so as to meet the test requirements of different stages.


The Semi-physical Simulation Platform of Flight System provides rich I/O interfaces, real replica parts switchers, fault injection units, signal conditioning units, signal adaptation units to realize the cross-linking of simulation system and external equipment, forming a hardware-in-the-loop test system and realizing the semi-physical integrated cross-linking test of complex systems.


Support engineering simulator development

The Semi-physical Simulation Platform of Flight System can support engineering simulator development environment, flight simulation cockpit provides operating devices such as pilot stick, throttle stick and foot pedal for human-in-the-loop simulation, while the 3D display system receives commands such as vehicle position, attitude, landing gear and rudder angle from full digital simulation system or flight vehicle semi-physical simulation system for 3D visualization display of flight vehicle, and flight simulation VR equipment Together with the flight simulation VR equipment to achieve immersive simulation of the aircraft.

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