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Hwa Create concentrate on and dedicated in defense market for 24 years, we help our customers to solve the most complicated problems, providing advanced and reliable products, solutions and services to guarantee success of our customers’ systems and applications in the domains of aerospace, vessels, land vehicles, individual soldier system, complex electromagnet environment and countermeasure system etc.


Hwa Create don't produce weapon systems, we provide R&D supporting and subsystems for aerospace, defense electronic systems. We are committed to providing customers with complex systems and comprehensive products portfolio, simulation and test platforms and solutions, and helping customers establish R&D and test environments and platforms. Provide system/subsystem level, module level and sensor level products and solutions for customers' products to help their mission-critical systems succeed.


Lines of products:

1) Satellite Communication

2) Satellite Navigation

3) Radar and Electronic System

4) Avionics

5) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

6) Simulation and Test

7) Rail Traffic

8) Power and Test Equipment


Application Domains We Expertise

1) Aerospace

2) UAV and Precision Guided Weapon

3) Radar and Countermeasure System

4) Simulation and Test for Electromechanical, Communication and Electro-optical System

5) Complex Electromagnetic Environment Construction

6) Land Vehicle and Rail Transit Applications

7) Emergency communication

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