General purpose target/interference simulator

Product introduction

General target/jamming simulator is used to produce radio frequency radar target echo and jamming signal, it is the necessary equipment both for the out-field Radar complex electromagnetic environment construction, and the infield Radar hardware-in-the-loops simulation test. It is featured of great advantages in multi interference styles and fast smart switching of interferences.

Functional Features

· Target echo: it can realistically simulate the characteristics of radar target echo signal, including amplitude, distance delay, Doppler frequency and one dimensional range profile, etc.;

· Suppress interference: aiming noise interference, blocking noise jamming, frequency sweep noise jamming, comb spectrum noise, etc.;

· Deception jamming: pull-off cheat, dense copy, smart noise interference, slicing, sample disturbance, frequency shift jamming, outboard active, same frequency induction, towed decoy, passive  corner  reflector, chaff (injection);

· Radar adapted: fire control radar, early warning radar,  guidance radar, ground to air intelligence radar, active seeker, etc.;

· Radar system adapted: pulse Doppler, frequency agility, step frequency,  mono-pulse radar, etc.;

Technical specifications

· General Parameters

  ·Spectrum: 0.2~37GHz

  ·Instantaneous bandwidth: 300MHz, 600MHz, 1GHz

  ·Maximum simulation speed: 20Ma

·Simulation range: 280m-5000Km

  ·Frequency switching time: <200ns

· Target Parameters

  ·Target type: one-dimensional/three-dimensional targets of air/sea/ground

  ·One-dimensional target range: ≥400m

  ·One-dimensional range target of scattering points≥256 points

· Spoofing Interference Parameter

  ·Pull-off rule: Linear, hyperbola, parabola, exponential, artificial setting;

  ·Intensive copy number of false targets: 64, 128, 256, 512;

·Smart noise with minimum bandwidth: 50 Hz (-3dB bandwidth);

  ·Doppler frequency shift: 0~500kHz;

  ·Slice pulse width: 1us~16us configurable;

  ·Slice repeat time: 1us~10000us configurable;

  ·Sample pulse width: 1us~16us configurable;

  ·Sample repetition time: 1 us ~10000 configurable ;

  ·Outboard active jamming hovering over time: 55s~360s, the trajectory of motion can be configurable;

  ·Same frequency asynchronous distance range: 300m~5000km;

  ·Towed decoy and fake target distance: 0~10km;

  ·Passive corner reflector RCS: 10~10000m2

  ·Maximum Number of chaff interference: 16

· Suppression interference Parameters

  ·Targeting bandwidth: 600MHz, 1GHz;

  ·Sweep frequency  pattern: zigzag, sine, triangle and square wave;

  ·Sweep rate: 20KHz~2MHz;

  ·Comb spectrum notch frequency: configurable;

  ·Spectral line interval width: configurable;

Application Cases

Case 1: An internal field seeker injection hardware-in-the-loop simulation and test system

Case 2: The complex electromagnetic environment structure of military exercise 


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