Signal Environments Simulator

Product introduction

Signal environments simulator is used to simulate complex, dynamic, vivid radar, communication, navigation signals, and real-time generating signals featured with intra-pulse fine features modulations, background signal, and clutter modulation pulse streams. It can be used in the field of complex electromagnetic environment design and electronic countermeasures system hardware-in-the-loop simulation test.

 Functional Features

· Abundant of single channel radiation source signals, rich in signal modulation and antenna scanning style;

· The radiation source signal is generated in real time, and the pulse sorting criterion is optional;

· Editable source signal library and configurable test scenario.

 Technical Specification

· Frequency range: 0.3 GHz~18GHz;

· Frequency step width: 10KHz;

·  Frequency step time: <1μs;

· Density of chaotic pulse current: 1 million pulse/SEC/channel;

· Density of complex radar signal: 10 to 200,000 pulses /SEC/channel;

· Repeat frequency types: fixed, jitter, jagged, smooth, pulse group;

·  Radar mode: airborne multifunction radar; Ship borne search, tracking, fire control, guidance radar, missile radar, early warning radar;

·  Radar signal modulation: fixed frequency, pulse frequency agility, frequency jitter transmission, phase coding (two phase coding, four phase coding, eight phase coding, Barker code, combined Barker code, etc.), linear frequency modulation signal and nonlinear frequency modulation signal;

· Communication navigation signal modulation: supports data link waveform simulation, supporting navigation signals to simulate BDS, GPS and so on;

· Channel number: 4 channels/unit

 Application case

Seeker test

Seeker test diagram

Complex electromagnetic environment construction

Complex electromagnetic environment building diag

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