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ARH-300 Multi-functional Simulation and Testing Machine
Release time:2022-05-18

ARH-300 multi-functional simulation and testing machine is based on Simulation and automatic test technology, which can realize the integrated application of rapid prototype verification (RCP), hardware in the loop simulation (HIL), automatic test machine (ATE)/automatic test system (ATS); It supports a variety of platform software independently developed by Hwa Create, which can meet the requirements of field hardware in the loop simulation, general automatic test, data acquisition, RDC remote data transponder, avionics simulator and other application scenarios; It is a desktop instrument with the characteristics of small volume, high integration, good ease of use and multi-purpose. It has been well used in aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries.

When carrying out field engineering test, users may face multiple problems: there is a pile of equipment in the field test, special test equipment cannot be used in general, test equipment has single function and is not easy to expand, it is difficult to determine the test content, and the cost is high.

How to solve it? ARH-300 came into being.

Product function

ARH-300 adopts the integrated framework of industrial host, expansion board, signal conditioning, realizes the seamless integration of simulator and automatic test equipment, and supports windows, VxWorks, LabVIEW RT, Linux and other operating systems; It has high cost performance, provides standard configuration and optional configuration schemes, and can quickly configure interface resources and software platform according to user needs, so as to improve the construction efficiency of test environment.


Standard configuration:

  • Standard 3U rack, size 483*134*410, weight 10kg (the weight will vary according to the board configured in the integrated machine);

  • 2 road network interfaces support 10/100/1000Mbps;

  • 6 serial ports can be equipped with RS232, and one serial port can be equipped with RS232/422/485;

  • 16 way DO, optocoupler isolation input, isolation voltage 1500V, NPN/PNP compatible polarity, support 0 ~ 30VDC, 0 ~ 500mA;

  • 16 channel DI, optocoupler isolation input, isolation voltage 3000V, NPN/PNP compatible, polarity 28V / 0V > 1mA;

  • 8 channel AD, 24bit accuracy, acquisition speed 7.5hz ~ 3840Hz, 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V

  • 8 channel AO, 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V;

  • 3 USB, expandable to 6 USB;

  • 1 DC power supply 3 ~ 36V, 1.7A.


Optional configuration (supports extending 3 types of interfaces):

  • A664: 2 ports, 10/100/1000 Mbps configurable;

  • A429: 8 sending and 8 receiving, baud rate 12.5Kbps, 48Kbps or 100Kbps software setting; Interrupt and query modes are optional. Send FIFO1024Byte and receive FIFO1024;

  • 1553B: single channel, single function, multi-channel and multi-function can be selected;

  • FC-AE: 2, 4 and 8 channels, and the rate supports 1.0625/2.125/4.25gbps, which can be configured;

  • 1394b: 3 nodes;

  • MVB: 1M/s;

  • CAN: 2 channels, maximum communication rate 1Mbps;

  • Support interface customization

Product features

ARH-300 can be configured with ARINC664, 1553B, CAN, ARINC429, serial port, analog quantity, digital quantity and other interfaces. The structure is compact and highly integrated, which is convenient for field test. Combined with the independently developed SIVB system integration verification platform, HRT hardware in the loop simulation platform and BEST bus simulation test platform, the engineering requirements of test can be quickly realized through configuration.

  • Localization: controllable resource allocation scheme based on domestic autonomy;

  • Small volume: 3U/19 inch standard shelf, high integration, weight 10kg;

  • Rapid delivery: finished hardware configuration and flexible software development to achieve rapid delivery;

  • one machine with multiple functions: supporting hardware in the loop simulator, general automatic test equipment, portable test equipment, RDC remote data repeater, avionics simulator and other application scenarios;

  • Ease of use: support self-developed platform software SIVB, BEST and HRT, provide interface library and support user secondary development.


ARH-300 supports the installation of HRT3000 hardware in the loop simulation platform software, SIVB system integration verification platform software and BEST bus simulation test platform software, which can meet various application requirements such as hardware in the loop simulator, portable test equipment, RDC data centralized repeater, distributed data acquisition terminal, avionics simulator, etc.


Hrt3000 hardware in the loop simulation platform with independent intellectual property rights, focuses on rapid prototyping and hardware in the loop simulation. Support electromechanical hydraulic joint simulation, cluster system joint distributed simulation, real-time simulation based on VxWorks operating system, multi machine and multi-core real-time distributed simulation.

SIVB system integration verification platform (simulation test integration platform), which combines simulation and test technology to realize the in-depth test of the tested object. Combined with the mode of general software and test cases, general hardware and special cables, the universality of test equipment can be realized, which can solve the problems of many types of special test equipment, inconsistent equipment and portability of field test. It is suitable for the unification of automatic test equipment in the station and the universal automatic test of products of the same type.


BEST is a bus simulation and test platform integrating ARINC664, FC-AE, ARINC818, ARINC429, 1553B and other buses. It can quickly build a multi network and multi bus simulation and test environment, and provide a new solution for the new generation of bus communication simulation and system test.


ARH-300 has a wide range of applications, involving aviation, aerospace, weapons, rail transit and many other industries. It is suitable for rapid prototype verification, hardware in the loop simulation, automatic testing and other engineering applications related to flight control, avionics, electromechanical and engine.


  • Portable flight control hardware in the loop simulation system

  • Small engine hardware in the loop simulation equipment

  • Bus test instrument / avionics simulator

  • Electromechanical management computer portable test equipment

  • Guided weapon simulation and testing machine

  • Special field test equipment

  • Automatic test equipment for inertial navigation and components

  • RDC data centralized repeater

  • Distributed data acquisition equipment


Upgrade product - ARH-600

Compared with ARH-300, ARH-600 is a 6U standard, with richer resource interfaces, increased human-computer interaction, and integrated design of main control computer and simulator.

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