High precision antenna

Series of GNSS survey antennas with functions of receiving GPS, BDS, GLONASS and GALILEO all frequencies, meets the requirements of multi system compatibility and high precision measurement equipment. Can be widely used in geodetic survey, marine survey, Waterway Survey, dredging survey, earthquake monitoring, landslide monitoring, bridge deformation monitoring, container terminal operation and other application scenarios.


· Adopt multi feed point design and fully symmetrical antenna structure to realize the coincidence of phase center and geometric center and reduce the influence of antenna on measurement error;

· High gain, wide beam pattern and good receiving effect for low elevation signal, which ensures the normal receiving in some cases with serious occlusion;

· Anti-multipath choke plate, the influence of multipath signal on measurement accuracy is effectively reduced;

· The LNA part adopts the pre filter design, which can effectively suppress the strong interference signal out of band, avoid the amplifier saturation and improve the reliability of the system;

· Built in lightning protection and voltage stabilizing circuit can effectively protect the amplifier and ensure normal operation in harsh environment.

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