3D choke ring antenna

3D choke ring antenna meets the requirements of high precision measurement and multi system compatibility. It is widely used in CORS station, geodetic mapping, earthquake monitoring, landslide monitoring, and bridge deformation monitoring and other high-precision measurement applications.

· Adopt multi feed point design and fully symmetrical antenna structure, the phase center accuracy reaches millimeter level, and the phase center has high stability and good repeatability;

· 3D multi frequency choke design is adopted to achieve excellent multi-path suppression;

· High gain at low elevation and strong tracking ability for low elevation satellite signals, which ensures satellites visibility;

· LNA adopts the pre filter design, which can effectively suppress interference signal out of band, avoid the amplifier saturation and improve the reliability of the system;

· Built in lightning protection and voltage stabilizing circuit can effectively protect the amplifier and ensure normal operation in harsh environment;

· Shell is made of high reliability engineering plastics, and the overall waterproof design is adopted. The waterproof grade reaches IP67, which ensures that the antenna can work normally outdoors for a long time.

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