Jamming Simulator/Jammer

Real time digital computing method is applied in jamming simulator and jammer to generate suppressing jamming, fraudulent jamming, smart noise jamming signals, which can be applied to simulation testing of anti-jamming performance of Radar, and components of jammers.

Products Catalog:

Suppressing jamming simulator;

Deception jamming simulator;

Smart noise simulator.

Products Feature:

Frequency modulation, phase modulation and amplitude modulation noise.

Drawing-out deception, multiple false target deception

Comb spectrum, Doppler noise/flicker.

Class clutterImage deception

  Products Specifications:

Spectrum: 2-18GHz, Ka.

Instantaneous bandwidth: 500MHz.

Channels: 1~3

Application Scene:

Radar anti-jamming performance evaluation.

Components of Radar jammers.

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