HWA-SIVB Integrated Verification Platform of Simulation Test System

HWA-SIVB is mainly used for the whole life cycle solution of "design simulation integration test verification". It is a general simulation test system integration verification platform independently developed. Based on the V-model development process idea, it can cover rapid prototype verification, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, system integration, test verification, etc. for flight control, electromechanical, onboard, airborne equipment and other products. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, rail transit, weapons, ships, vehicles and other fields.Platform Architecture



· Comprehensive verification of simulation test for complex system integration;

· Support single system and multi-system integration verification;

· The modularization of software and hardware can quickly build complex simulation test system;

· Support project engineering management, ICD management and product life cycle management;

· Open automatic test;

· Support distributed simulation;

· The optimal test network design (data network, control network, clock network);

· With integrated distribution and distribution management system;

· Support big data storage, analysis, data post-processing and other functions;

· Support third-party system integration, such as turntable, navigation simulator, radar simulator, 3D vision, etc;

· With strong versatility, ease of use, scalability and stability.


Function Description

· Integrated management software package

Support engineering management, configuration management, hard line management, system configuration, etc;

· ICD management software package

Support the import, configuration, export and version management of ICD files in various formats;

· Simulation management software package

Support multiple languages model import, model loading, model configuration, etc;

· automatic test management software package

It supports test cases developed in multiple languages and has the functions of sequence management, test case execution, automatic report generation, etc;

· Data post-processing software package

Data management, analysis, report generation, supporting big data mining and analysis;

· Client software package

Login, data collection, test operation control, etc;

· Support Matlab Simulink, AMESim, Dymola, LabVIEW, C / C + + and other modeling environments;

· Based on embedded real-time operating system, it has strong real-time performance and supports FPGA board card;

· Integrated design of general hardware platform, including conditioning, wiring, fault injection, signal switching, etc;

· Combination of three networks, Ethernet based control network, reflective memory data network, clock network of synchronous signal.

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