HRT-3000 hardware in the loop simulation platform

HRT-3000 is a leading hardware in the loop simulation platform with independent intellectual property rights, focusing on rapid prototype design and hardware in loop simulation, apply for real-time simulation in control and hydraulic fields.


· Meet the requirements of electromechanical hydraulic joint simulation, integrated avionics system simulation and cluster system joint distributed simulation;

· Strong real-time simulation based on VxWorks, support multi-computer and multi-core real-time simulation, support real-time test;

· Support rapid prototype design and semi physical simulation;

· Support matlab Simulink, AMESim, MapleSim and other modeling environments, and fast model compilation;

· Provide ICD management tools to support ICD interface simulation model generation;

· Support ARINC429, MIL-1553B, ARINC664, ARINC825, CAN, serial port, analog quantity, digital quantity, PWM, RTD, SD/DS and other I/O interfaces;

· Based on the engineering management idea, provide a complete set of data incentive, data monitoring and data post-processing tools;

· Support batch simulation and realize automatic correction of model parameters;

· Support automatic test based on use case to improve test efficiency;

· Support automatic wiring and distribution;

· Support test configuration management;

· Support time synchronization to ensure the time consistency of the system;

· Support the integration of experiment management, 3D visualization, virtual instrument and other functions.

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