CT-WAN Network simulator

Real-time networks are a complex system of changing conditions, flexible routes and competing applications. And the only way to get predictable infrastructure performance is to test before deployment.

The CT-WAN Network Emulator provides industry-leading flexibility in building and modelling these complex real-time systems enabling you to simulate networks and emulate the real world conditions under which applications and platforms need to perform.CT-WAN Network Emulator is a highly flexible solution for both network emulation and network simulation. Whether you want to emulate point-to-point links, simulate complex data-centers with multiple gateways or extract out analytical information on video systems, with the CT-WAN Network Emulator you can build your network in seconds.

And because every network and project requirement is different — depending on factors such as location, connectivity, quality of service, number of services and the applications being used across it — reaching beyond simple delay, jitter and bandwidth emulation is essential for any business.

CT-WAN Network Emulator is available with multiple hardware options, including:

·  Multi-port — market leading port density with up to 16 ports 1GbE, up to 12 ports 10GbE, and up to 4 ports 25GbE

·  Flexible configuration—mix and match interface cards to meet your needs

·  Flexible interfaces; RJ-45, SFP+ or SFP28 (or a mixture)

·  Wireshark integration

·  Easy automation via remote control using RESTful API

·  Flow packets between any port, no limitations

·  Up to 12 minutes of storage for wire-rate recording at 10Gbps

·  Delay emulation up to 4 seconds at 10GbE/1GbE

·  Fast visual emulation design creates networks in seconds


·  Multi-user

·  Multi-port — best-in-class port density with up to 16 ports 1GbE, up to 12 ports

·  10GbE, and up to 4 ports 25GbE

·  1GbE, 10GbE and 25GbE interfaces supported

·  Network simulation create complex multi-hop networks using virtual routers for cloud, datacenter, customer and WAN simulation

·  Connect any-port to any port without  

·  Delay emulation up to 10 seconds

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