Riverbed communication simulation platform

Riverbed Modeler provides high-fidelity modeling, scalable simulation, and detailed analysis of a broad range of wired and wireless networks. This product enables organizations to optimize their investment in network R&D and including:

·  Develop proprietary network protocols and technologies.

·  Evaluate enhancements to standards-based protocols

·  Test and demonstrate technology designs in realistic scenarios before production

·  Increase R&D productivity and accelerate time-to-market

The R&D process for analyzing and designing communication networks, devices, protocols, and applications can be time-consuming. Riverbed Modeler provides a comprehensive development environment supporting the modeling of communication networks and distributed systems. Both behavior and performance of modeled systems can be analyzed by performing discrete event simulations. The Modeler environment incorporates tools for all phases of a study, including model design, simulation, data collection, and data analysis.



·  Riverbed Modeler features advanced capabilities for network modeling and simulation, including:

·  Hundreds of wired/wireless protocol and vendor device models with source code

·  Intuitive, hierarchical modeling environment

·  Scalable wireless simulations incorporating terrain, mobility, and path-loss models

·  32-bit and 64-bit fully parallel simulation kernel

·  Integrated GUI-based debugging and analysis

·  Open interface for integrating external object files, libraries, and other simulators


·  Model network protocols, resources, algorithms, applications, and queuing policies in detail – Accelerate model design with more than 400 out-of-the-box protocol and vendor device models from Modeler’s library

·  Reduce simulation runtime – Leverage three different simulation technologies to efficiently tradeoff simulation detail and speed by utilizing Modeler’s parallel and distributed simulation capabilities

·  Easily interpret simulation results using intuitive charts, tables, and graphs – Quickly correlate graphical results with network behavior and drill into performance trade-offs

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