FC-AE-ASM terminal network card

FC-AE terminal network card is a high-performance FC-AE-ASM protocol simulation test terminal network card. The board provides 2, 4 and 8 FC-AE-ASM ports, and the port rate supports 1.0625/2.125/4.25gbps configuration. Fc-ae terminal network card supports a variety of operating system environments, and can quickly access to FC-AE-ASM network. Combined with the actual business application of users, it realizes the simulation and test function of FC-AE-ASM network bus node.


·Support FC-AE-ASM protocol.

·Compliance with FC-LS,FC-FS protocol standards.

·Compliance with Class1、Class 3 services.

·Supports 2, 4 and 8 FC communication ports.

·Support 1.0625Gbps, 2.125Gbps, 4.25Gbps communication speed (configurable)

·Up to 8.5Gbps expandable communication speed.

·Support point-to-point and switching network topology connection.

·Support 256 non data blocks and 16 data blocks, each data block can reach 16MB capacity.

·Support implicit and explicit login.

·Support acquisition mode:

Support point-to-point data collection.

Support bypass collection.

·Provide fault injection mode:

Support injection of arbitrary ARINC664 protocol layer fault.

Support setting fault frame time interval, with microsecond level of time interval precision.

·Provide receiving time label with time precision of 0.5 μs.

·The BER of physical layer data transmission is less than 10-12.

·Up to 8GB high speed data receiving and sending cache.

·Support IRIG-B time synchronization interface, clock synchronization accuracy 0.5 μs.

·Provide 2 TTL user configurable trigger I/O.



·Network simulation:

The board provides simulation mode to make the board work in the airborne state. The user can use this mode to simulate the working state of the airborne buses equipment and the receiving and sending mode of data communication.

·Data acquisition:

The board provides data acquisition mode to make the board work in the ground acquisition state, and directly collect FC-AE data frames on the network, including data frame SOF/ EOF, FC-AE frame header, ASM frame header, data area and CRC check area.

·Fault injection:

The board provides fault injection mode to make the board work in ground test state and support FC-AE network error injection, including frame alignment error, frame gap error, SOF error, EOF error, CRC error, FC-AE frame header error, ASM frame header error, frame length error, etc.

Technical Parameters

Environment parameters

Software System: Windows, VxWorks 5.5/6.X, VxWorks 653 (optional), LabviewRT and Linux 3.0

Operating Temperature : -40-70

Storage Temperature: -40-85

Interface parameters

Port number: 2/4/8 ports selectable

Port rate:1.0625Gbps, 2.125Gbps,4.25Gbps data rate (configurable)

Port type: SFP (optical fiber)

Host interface: PCI, 3U CPCI, PMC, XMC, PCIex4, 3UPXIe

Clock synchronization interface: IRIG-B clock synchronization, clock synchronization accuracy 0.5μs


Order information

 Product Names



FC-AE 2-ports terminal network card


PMC Industrial grade


PIC Industrial grade


PCIe Industry


XMC Industrial grade


CPCI Industrial grade


PXIe Industrial grade

FC-AE 4-ports terminal network card


PMC Industrial grade


PIC Industrial grade


PCIe Industrial grade


XMC Industrial grade


CPCI Industrial grade


PXIe Industrial grade

FC-AE 8-ports terminal network card


CPCI Industrial grade (2 slots)


PXIe Industrial grade (2 slots)


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