FC-AE-ASM terminal IP core

Fc-ae terminal IP core is implemented according to fc-fs and FC-AE-ASM protocol specifications of optical fiber communication frame and signal issued by ITU-T organization. It supports 2, 4 and 8 fc-ae ports, and the port rate supports 1.0625/2.125/4.25gbps, which can be configured. It can be used to quickly realize fc-ae terminal network card design. The IP core itself takes up less resources, and the FC-AE-ASM protocol stack is completed by the IP core itself, which reduces the application load of CPU and meets the requirements of real-time, certainty, high reliability and high stability.


·Compliance with FC-LS,FC-FS protocol standards.

·Support FC-AE-ASM protocol and customized protocol.

·Support optical fiber communication Class 3 service.

·Support FC-0, FC-1, FC-2 layer data protocol transmission.

·Support FC-2 layer management information statistics function, including all kinds of statistics of sending and receiving packets.

·Support complete data bus interface.

·Support timing data reporting, interrupt, filter collection, trigger collection and other functions.

·Support 2, 4 and 8 FC communication ports.

·Support 1.0625Gbps, 2.125Gbps, 4.25Gbps communication speed.

·Support extended to 8.5Gbps and custom rate (hardware support required)

·Support link layer configuration and management function of control bus.

·Adopt TSOC hardware encryption chip.



FC-AE-ASM terminal IP core has powerful function and small size which is suitable for embedded system which is strict on power dissipation and size and volume. It can be widely used in aviation, vehicles, ships and other fields. This IP core is flexible and convenient to help users establish and design their own FC-AE-ASM terminal network equipment very quickly. It can help users to reduce their design time and risk to let them focus on the whole system, help them fast come in to the market.


Technical Parameters

Environment parameters                

Operating Temperature: -40-70                

Storage Temperature : -40-85                

Other parameters                

Voltage: +2.8V~+5.25V                

Dimension: Standard 6 TSOC                

Order information

 Product Name                



FC-AE-ASM terminal IP core                


Xilinx series FPGA (function customizable)                

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