FC-AE-ASM switch

C-ae-asm switch provides up to 24 8gbps high-performance optical fiber ports in 1U model, with adaptive speed of 1, 2, 4 and 8gbps. It conforms to FC-AE-ASM protocol, and has the characteristics of high reliability and real-time certainty. It can be used together with FC-AE-ASM terminal network card of Huali chuangtong. It has been successfully applied in aerospace ground simulation test and other laboratory environments.


· Support optical fiber communication class 2, class 3 and class F (inter switch frame) services.

·Adaptive 1.0625gpbs, 2.125gpbs, 4.25gpbs, 8.5gpbs rates (full duplex), up to 408Gbps congestion free throughput, full line switching speed.

·Support 8, 16 and 24 fiber ports, increase ports on demand, strong scalability.

·Support the standard optical fiber landing protocol, completed the link establishment with the FC-AE-ASM terminal network card of HWA.

·1 Ethernet management port, multiple remote management modes.

·1 USB port, suitable for firmware download, support saving, configuration upload / download.

·With console management function, support the status view, parameter configuration and other functions of all nodes in the current network.

·1U chassis, support standard 19 inch cabinet on shelf.

·The power consumption of each port shall not exceed 2.5W.



FC-AE-ASM switch is mainly used to build a high-speed FC-AE-ASM switching topology network to complete the high-speed real-time forwarding and switching of FC-AE-ASM protocol data between FC-AE boards. It has the characteristics of high reliability and easy maintenance. It is the core equipment to build a FC-AE-ASM switching topology network and can be widely used in aviation, ships, vehicles and other fields.


Technical Parameters

Environment parameters

Operating Temperature : 0-40

Interface parameters

Port number: increase the number of ports on demand, and increase the number of ports by 8 ports to 8/16/24 fiber ports

Port rate: adaptive 1.0625gpbs, 2.125gpbs, 4.25gpbs and 8.5gpbs (full duplex)

Port media: hot-pluggable SFP.LC connectors

Monitoring interface: 1 serial port (RJ45), 1 10 / 100Base-T Ethernet port, 1 USB port

Other parameters

Power supply: 110 V ~ 220 V, 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz

Size: 428.6 mm(W) × 44.45mm (H) × 306mm (D)

Power consumption: 24*8Gbps ports, maximum consumption is 57W

Order information

 Product Names



FC-AE-ASM 8-ports switch


8 ports

FC-AE-ASM 16-ports switch


16 ports

FC-AE-ASM 24-ports switch


24 ports


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