FC-AE-ASM network analyzer

FC-AE network analyzer is a data acquisition and analysis tool for fc-ae network. The product adopts portable rugged notebook, which is configured with 2 / 4 / 8 acquisition ports, and the port rate supports 1.0625/2.125/4.25gbps. Fc-ae network analyzer is suitable for fc-ae network data flow collection, monitoring, recording, on-line / off-line analysis, statistics and other needs, and can be connected to any location of the network. The patented bypass technology realizes lossless data acquisition without any interference to the fc-ae network under test, and provides an efficient solution for debugging, verification and fault location.


·Support 2/4/8 FC-AE independent data ports.

·Support 1.0625Gbps, 2.125Gbps, 4.25Gbps communication rate which is configurable.

·100% data line speed capture, captured data frame preserved in real time.

·Support two working mode Point-to-point and lossless bypass acquisition.

·Support multiple protocol analysis, such as FC-FS, FC-LS, FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-1553, FC-AV, etc. .

·Support full protocol frame resolution from SOF to EOF, and provides  protocol alarm function.

·Support ICD Analysis, and provides cross-border alarm function for cross-border ICD quantities.

·Provide a variety of forms (classification list, order list, etc.) of data display.

·Support real-time performance monitoring and statistics, including bandwidth, delay, error type and number.

·Support to generate a variety of statistical charts, provide data statistics based on port and VL.

·Support ICD filtering and protocol filtering, and only reports and displays the data frames that meet the filtering conditions.

·Support offline analysis and export offline analysis report based on offline analysis results.

·Support IRIG-B clock synchronization, clock synchronization accuracy 0.5 μ s.

·Support 4-way (2 in, 2 out) event Trigger I / O.



FC-AE network analyzer supports point-to-point acquisition and non-destructive bypass acquisition. Point to point acquisition is directly connected to the monitoring port of FC-AE terminal equipment or FC-AE switch under test. Taking the 4-ports FC-AE network analyzer as an example (2-ports and 8-ports are similar) to illustrate the use of the lossless bypass acquisition mode.



As it shown, System1 and System2 are a set of FC-AE acquisition interfaces, which support the acquisition of a physical link. 3 and 4 are another set of FC-AE acquisition interfaces, which support the acquisition of a second FC-AE physical link. This acquisition mode will not affect the data interaction between the original two end systems.


Technical Parameters

Environment parameters                

Operation System: Windows                

Operating Temperature Range: 0~60                

Interface parameters                

Port number: 2/4/8 ports                

Port rate:1.0625gpbs, 2.125gpbs, 4.25gpbs (configurable)                

Port type: SFP (optical fiber)                

Ethernet port: 2 Ethernet ports(10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-T )                

Other parameters                

Display: 15.6 "LCD, 1920 × 1080                

Hard disk: 1T SATA hard disk                

Memory: 4G DDR3, expandable to 8G                


Order information

 Product Names                



FC-AE-ASM network analyzer                


2 ports            


4 ports            


8 ports            


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