HWA-CQ60 VTOL composite wing drone

The product is an oil electric hybrid vertical take-off and landing long endurance UAV, which adopts advanced tilt rotor control technology and high reliability flight control system, and has the ability of fully autonomous flight operation in a variety of environments and take-off and landing scenarios. At the same time, it adopts modular design, and the body adopts lightweight composite materials, which can realize fast and simple operation and daily maintenance.

By using the advanced hybrid system, more than 10 hours of flight time can be achieved under the condition of adapting to a variety of mission payloads. It can meet the applications of regional security monitoring, daily border inspection, emergency search and rescue, forest fire prevention, aerial mapping and other application scenarios.

Features, functional and technical parameters

· Takeoff and Landing Type:Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)

· Power: Gas-electric hybrids(Gasoline / Aviation kerosene)

· Body Material:Carbon Fiber and Composite Material

· Wingspan/Body Length:4300mm/1740mm

· Net Weight(without fuel and loads):39kg


· Max. Takeoff Weight:60kg

· Max. Payload Weight:15kg

· Efficiency Cruise Speed:38m/s

· Flight Time: >10h

· Max. Flight Distance:>1500km

· Control Radius:100km

· Max. Altitude AMSL:6000m

· Positioning Accuracy:25px±1ppm

· Positioning System:BDS/GPS (RTK+PPK)

· Max. Wind Resistance:14m/s

· Working Temperature:-40~+60℃

· IP Level:IP55


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