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Beidou-3 High-precision Positioning SOC Core Baseband Chip Successfully Published
Release time:2021-07-26

Hwa Create successfully developed the "Beidou-3 High-precision Positioning SOC Core Baseband Chip HTG001" (HTG001) by the mid of July. It is an independently research and development of the high-precision baseband chip, which is suitable for the Beidou-3 Navigation System.


HTG001 supports Beidou-3 and Beidou-2 RNSS civil signals full frequency point reception. It also supports high-precision positioning of the four major global navigation systems at full frequency points,RNSS/RDSS dual-mode navigation communication and eidou global short message communication. It also has the ability of Anti-narrow band interference and Anti-deception interference.


In terms of chip design, HTG001 has the advantages of advanced architecture, high integration, low power consumption, and excellent performance, whcih can used in the application fields such as short message communication, emergency search and rescue, location reporting, and data collection. It can be widely used in high-precision applications such as surveying and mapping, safety monitoring, unmanned driving, precision agriculture and other industries.


The development of HTG001 marks the Hwa Creates Satellite Application Industrialization has ushered in a major breakthrough.

In the future, Hwa Create will be committed to the industrialization of Beidou+5G indoor and outdoor integrated positioning chips and Satellite Internet high and low orbit collaborative communication chips. The other core chip productss introduction can be viewed in:

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